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Pubs make a great place to hold a wedding reception. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed. The guests can really let go and enjoy themselves. Just because the reception is being held at a pub does not mean they cannot be decorated to look great. These are some ideal wedding receptions ideas to decorate the pub.

Put on a Show

There are some fun things that a couple can do to keep the guests are their wedding reception entertained. To make the pub bar look more appealing the guest can watch the bartenders make their drinks. They will know that their drinks are being made fresh and bartenders can do special moves such as flipping the bottles of glasses. There can be fresh lemons and other citrus around the bar that are used in the drinks. This is a simple decoration that will make the bar look more appealing.

Keep Them Cold

If the wedding is outside it is important that the drinks stay cold. There are some creative ways to keep these drinks cold. If a couple if looking for decorations that are creative yet relaxed they can fill a small tub with ice. The bottles of champagne can then be kept in the buckets until it is time for the toast.

Add some Elegance

While a pub may be a relaxed setting there are little touches that can add some elegance to it. Flowers in small vases can be placed around the bar. A framed chalkboard can be used and the name of the couple can be written on it in fancy lettering. The frame will add a touch of class to the chalkboard.


An interesting idea for table decorations is putting a framed menu on each table. The menu can be printed on a sheet of paper with some interesting graphics and color. It can then be put into a simple frame. This will allow the guests to see what type of food is going to be offered while making the table look a little dressed up.

Flavor the Ice

This is another interesting way to dress up the bar. When making ice cubes a couple can put some mint leaves in the ice before putting it in the freezer. When the ice is ready the mint leaf will be frozen inside. When a person gets a drink this ice will make it look nice as well as add a little flavor to it. This is great for couples that are interested in having a mojito bar.


There are some people that at a wedding that may not want to drink alcoholic beverages. An old fashion lemonade stand can be set up. The stand can be made out of wood and have a rustic look it to. The stand can have glasses ,lemons, and other touches to make it decorative.

These are just some creative ideas for a pub wedding. These simple touches will add a decorative touch to the wedding and the couple can ensure that everyone there has a good time.

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